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This is, as the title indicates, my kitchen notebook (the header is actually a scanned image of the cover of a notebook that I started using about 25 years ago and the background is a stained page from that book). I am not a professional recipe writer. If you try any recipe here, please keep that in mind, these recipes have not been tested by an independent tester. The "recipes" are often not even really recipes but rather a list of ingredients that I've noted after preparing a dish on the fly that I thought came out well. Perhaps I've also added some instructions, but I rarely keep accurate track of what I've done in terms of time or temperature, I've just noted to the best of my memory (feeble) what I did.

Please feel free to take some inspiration from here, but on the other hand, please give credit where it is due. I also welcome any constructive comments that you might have if you are inspired to try a recipe. Questions are welcome, but keep in mind that I may not remember specifics. The dishes do evolve over time...

Thank you and enjoy!

A Version of "Beans and Greens"

Beans and Greens is a dish that we have fairly often during the winter when most of what comes out of the garden is some sort of greens, usually kale, chard, spinach, sprouting broccoli with its leaves, or rapini. I do a number of variations on the theme, sometime with mashed beans on garlic bread with greens piled on top, or as in this version, with the beans left whole and mixed with the greens and piled on garlic toast. The flavorings also vary a lot, sometimes enhanced with something meaty like bacon, other times meatless but with a generous amount of garlic and/or onion, perhaps spiced up with chile peppers, or anchovies, or pine nuts... the options are endless.

4 slices thick cut bacon, cut onto 1/4-inch pieces
about 1 lb. fresh spinach
about 1 cup or so of cooked beans (Mayacoba from Rancho Gordo this time)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Toasted rustic whole wheat bread scraped with fresh garlic and drizzled with your favorite extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper

Cook the bacon in a large saute pan over medium heat until it starts to crisp. Add the spinach in handfuls, tossing to wilt it, adding more as it cooks down. Once it is all wilted, add the beans, continue to cook over high heat until most of the excess moisture cooks off and the beans are heated through. Pile the greens and beans on the toasted bread, grind fresh black pepper over all, drizzle with some of your best EVOO and serve.

Serves 2 as a main course.

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